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Personal Letter Template, the Different Types of Letter

When we are talking about Personal Letter Template, there isn’t any rigid or exact standard regulation to write the letter. After all, a personal letter is different from a formal letter which has its own standard, regulation, format, structure, and construction. A personal letter has a free form and it isn’t as rigid as the formal one. But then again, there are different kinds of personal letter and a standard guidance in the writing.

Personal Letter and Its Understanding

As the name suggests, a personal letter is a letter containing personal info such as news sharing, lifestyle introduction, and such thing alike. That’s why a Personal Letter Template is more flexible and free. It is a letter that is often exchanged between friends. Unlike the formal letters that are often included in formal matters, such as business or politics, the personal letter is about your personal life and how you connect to other people. It is basically like using the old-school and traditional methods of reaching out and interacting with people – communicating and talking about the regular stuff such as school, work, life around you, and such thing like.

Different Variants of the Letter

You probably don’t realize this but a personal letter is divided into various types and forms.

  • Fan mail is a letter directed to your idol. When you admire someone and become their fans, the fan mail will be your expression of admiration. Of course, you need to use polite words to convey your meaning. Who knows? Maybe if they like your letter, they will write you back.
  • Pen pal is someone living far away from you, and you exchange news and information by letters regularly. In the old days, pen pal is done through traditional letter exchange. But now, you can find online pen pal.
  • Farewell is a letter when you say goodbye. When you move out or when you are preparing yourself to be departed from them, this letter is written to state the reasons and to send your best wishes
  • Love letter is the oldest way of communication. As the name suggests, a love letter contains true and pure expression and also affection. It is a sweet letter full of romance.
  • Thank you letter is a letter you send when you want to express your gratitude. Let’s say that you have been invited to a gala dinner or you are given a gift. The thank you letter can convey your message and your appreciation toward the gesture.
  • Get well letter is written when you wish someone to get well soon. When someone you know is hospitalized or sick, you are expressing your concern along with best wishes so they can experience speedy recovery. Such a letter can be a good encouragement so they will recover soon enough.

There are more about this type of personal letter that you can learn about. Condolence or congratulation letter is also included in the section. Knowing how to compose the right Personal Letter Template can really help although the standard form is flexible and free.

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